Monday, March 22, 2010

I've got a headache I can't shake. it's been hanging around for 3 days, it gets better after tylenol then comes back. i hope my BP isn't too high but it might be. it might also be because of seasonal change and the fact I'm not getting much rest (even when I sleep). Plus I've been stressing alot lately. Part of it is because people are really ticking me off with their lack of common courtesy. And with their roundabout ways. I can't seem to get straight responses from people and the word "maybe" has become one of my least favorite words in the English vocabulary.

I am also really getting annoyed (disgusted!) by these anti-smoking commercials that are meant to scare people into quit smoking. Idiots, don't you know that the smokers are outside having their smokes during commercial breaks?! Queasy Non Smokers like me are inside. And the worst part too is that it has this music or sound that makes me look up at the tv when it comes on even if I am not watching the tv! I really really really do not need to see that woman with a hole in her neck one more time.

Seriously, if my life wasn't so fucked up and my family wasn't all dead, I would quit watching tv right now because of that disgusting commercial and wait for dvd's of everything. ugh.

I haven't been writing on my blogs much lately because I really can't seem to form any full sentences and I am just ugghhhhhh about alot of things right now.

the mud, ohmigod the mud, did I mention it in my last post the other day? ughh I don't think it's ever going to go away.

well i probably have more to say but I can't think.

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