Thursday, March 18, 2010

just me

I haven't written on this blog in over a month. I haven't even written on my regular everyday blog in a while either. Why? Well, the biggest reason is I really don't know what to say. Anything I can think of comes out as whine whine whinnnnnne.

In addition to that my computer has been really slow and the space bar has broken right off. I have come accustomed to the little button that makes the spaces but it is still annoying. My printer tells me it's out of paper when it's not and then jams the paper when it accepts it. Yeah, it's been fun.

I have also been busy with my Stampin' Up career that I have just started but most of all I have been in a funk. Some days I realize I haven't done a thing all day. Some days I am busy all day but with my pain and my f'd up sleep schedule, I am not getting much done.

Thankfully keeping busy helps but I am still in a funk.

It also doesn't help that my life has been on auto repeat lately. Seriously, yesterday I washed the floor 3 times. You can't even tell. Yes, I know that's a side effect of spring but it is ticking me off because I have been struggling so hard to get this place back in some sort of normalcy and decluttered.

That's the other thing I've been doing... I have dubbed it "The Great Purge of 2010." Well even though I have purged ALOT (mostly papers) I feel like I have not yet made a dent despite my efforts. My body has been fighting me and aching whenever I try to do anything other than be a bum.

To add salt to my wounds, I got a letter today telling me that, sorry, the fact you're deaf does not make it easy for us so we are not going to allow you to come to our school. Gee, thanks for wasting the last year of my life with this.

Didn't I warn you earlier in this post that everything I say now comes out in a big ol' WHINE?

I guess the positives now are that the snow is gone from my yard. It would not surprise me though if we have more snow on the way. But the snow melted helped in the sense I was able to get the dog poo cleaned up from my yard. It would've taken a normal person less than an hour to get it done, it took me two days. But I did it.

Today it is a bit cold but it has been nice all week which is really nice for March. We often do not get spring like weather until May so this is nice, I had no complaints about the weather, just the mud that has taken over my back yard and has transplanted itself onto my floor via a certain pup's paws. No matter how much I try to clean her paws they are dirty, the mud is that sticky kind. I gave her a little bath the other day, no shampoo, just water. She hates baths. (well showers) (which is odd because she loves being doused by the hose outside) But then I decided to use a bowl of water and dip her feet in there, that helps a bit but I'm running out of cloths I can use. I have washed all her towels. I'll probably have to do that a few times a week til the ground solidifies. I hope this year I can get some grass put in where there is no grass, and I'm thinking of getting some cement slabs to put by the back gate which is where the most of the mud is and where she likes to run around and hop on her hind legs.

Unfortunately, money is scarce and even with my Stampin' Up, I am still struggling to get through. I had to borrow B's rsp money to pay some bills but I am quickly going to run out of that soon, too. Thing is I like the Stampin' Up so far but I think I am going to have to get another job in addition to it. I just can't seem to get started with looking for a job, I know my hearing affects my ability to do anything and I hate to waste time. Plus the truth is I don't really want to do anything else so that makes it harder too.I know I have to and I'm responsible to a fault.

The other thing too that's getting to me is this world's lack of common sense and common courtesy. People walking across people's lawns because they are lazy and can't use sidewalks. People not replying to email or letters or phone messages. I am tired of the lack of common courtesy to the point that I feel I am going to end up in the nuthouse because I am always having to remind people. I am always having to harass people because they didn't reply to my original messages or because they tell me they are going to do something and then don't.

Well I don't know what else to say. Like I said, everything I say these days is a complaint and a whine. I don't like this but what can I do. It's my life... it sucks!

On the upside, I have the movies 2012 and The Time Traveler's Wife (the book is awesome!) to watch this weekend and I have a workshop on Sunday which I hope hope hope will bring in a bit of income.

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Joc(e) said...

Wow...I can't believe the school said that to you. I don't know how it works in Canada but here in the US I'd be contacting the people who are in charge of the Americans with Disabilities causes and maybe the ACLU too. That is just discrimination in my opinion.

(((BIG HUGS)))