Wednesday, August 12, 2009


today is our niece's birthday. she's 13.

my daughter looks just like her.

once, a fellow SHARE mom offered to touch up some photos for me. Well, my photos are pretty awful so I really don't share them much but I was desperate at that time to get a photo.

She made this watercolor photo using the WORST photo I have. This photo was the least blurry but it was the worst photo. I had literally screamed when I saw that photo the first time. I still can't look at it today.

Anyway, she somehow turned it into a water color photo and added a teddy bear and she also added an arm to make it look like my daughter had her hand around the teddy bear. (in reality my daughter's arms were not visible in the photo) and she changed it to make it look like she was wearing clothes, not just swaddled in a blanket.

But the very first thing I noticed from that photo was how much she looked like our niece.

I dug up an old photo of our niece as a baby and showed it to my husband. and he then realized I was right. They did look exactly alike except that my daughter had a dimple on her chin (I will point out that my husband had a dimple on his chin, as do our nephews)

Anyway. Even though they would have been 9 years apart, I like to think that our niece and our daughter would have been close. After all they're the only girls on this side of the family tree. I wish they could have met.

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