Wednesday, August 12, 2009

last night was hard but today was better

so yesterday I got an email that once again proved that I should never hope for good things in life.

I don't feel ready to talk about it today. I don't want to ruin whatever decent mood I'm in now.

Yesterday for the most part went well, I got some things done. I closed my bank account because what's the point of paying a 10 dollar monthly charge for an account that hardly has any money in it now and which I have hardly even touched. I have been using my husband's account since he was in the hospital. I don't need two, and his account had more automatic payments than mine. So no big deal, got that done. Got some bills paid and went to the gym. I was too tired after that to do much and very hungry so I came home and made supper. It was after supper that I got that email.

I don't know if it was the emotional weariness or what, but last night was the first time I fell asleep before 1:30 AM in goodness knows how long. Most days lately, it is at least 3 AM before I fall asleep. So that means today I was up by 8 (no alarm) and made it to the gym again and went for groceries. Came home, power went out, decided to take my dog to the pet store so we wouldn't get hot. (Remember last week I was complaining about being cold and considering to turn the heat on in the house? Well this week it's so hot that being naked isn't going to cool you off, not that I would ever go naked). Also because I wanted to get her nails trimmed but the groomer was gone for the day. Then we stopped at the farmer's market for my new addiction (kettle popcorn), some peas and garlic. So at least she had a chance to get out of the house. and she got some cuddles from a boy at the farmers market.

Anyway i know it doesn't sound like I did a lot but these days are hard to get moving sometimes.

Tonight, I was looking at the photos from my daughter's birthday and I noticed something I didn't see before. You can see it the photos on my other blog.

Then I went outside to close the bbq because it was starting to rain and I saw a double rainbow in the distance.

I don't know if it's signs or not but it lifted my spirits up a little bit. I know it won't last forever but at least it was there momentarily.

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AnnaMarie said...

You are doing plenty Ter.

I'm so glad you had a better day; all you can do sometimes is just wholly appreciate the times when you don't feel absolutely horrid.