Monday, October 20, 2008

A Better Day

Bear was having a better day today. He is finding the new air bed much more comfortable and easier on his back. He had some company today (His Mom, Gramma and Uncle) and he finally got the chair. He had a chance to go outside before I got there, so I know he was happy about that.

Just before I left today, they put up some bars around his bed that will give him the ability to adjust himself a little better, and perhaps to strengthen the use of his arms again. The hospital's dietitian came by and asked him about the menu and he complained a bit about it which resulted in some changes on his menu. He was happy to get some gravy for his potato at supper!

Palliative Care came by earlier in the day and talked briefly to him. Someone will be coming to see us tomorrow for a sort of 'interview'. I think they may do a home assessment to see whether our house would be at all possible to set up for him to come home. I don't see it happening because we live in a two story townhouse which is on the smallish side. But if it's possible, then that would be great!

Bear's mom tells us his brother and sister-in-law are making their way out here later this week. I think it's important that he sees his family as much as possible. It took a while for them to come to realization that this is serious and that if they want to see him, the time is now. Miracles may still happen but if they don't, there's no need for regrets.


Dana Lucas said...

It sure sounds like a better day was had by all. Learning that B's family is beginning to rally around is such bitter-sweet news. I'm sure it helps his mood to have his mom and other family members around. I imagine he will be happy to see his brother and sister-in-law later in the week too.

I am very encouraged the Palliative Care came by and talked with him. That means the "ball is rolling" to make sure he is as comfortable as possible. You may be surprised to see what they can do in a small space (as far as home-care goes). Still, home-care is not for every family, Ter. There is a lot to think about and I'm sure the PC folks will discuss this with you.

It is SO important that, while you are doing all you can to make Bryan comfortable, etc., that you also take YOUR needs into consideration. The time you spend with Bryan now should be of the utmost quality that is possible. What do YOU need to make this happen, Hun? Don't be shy about speaking up to the PC people.

And....YES! Miracle do happen--all the time! We don't always recognize them at the time. Sometimes they are hard to miss.

Thoughts and Prayers!

Jo said...

((( HUGS )))

Sarah C. said...

Definitely a better day! How wonderful that he could get out of the bed and outside. We so easily take those two things for granted.

Also glad to hear his family has been able to visit. I'm sure that all these things are uplifting for his spirit.

I continue to think of you two daily. ((HUGS))