Monday, December 14, 2009

I can't even remember the last time I saw anyone in real life.

my only friend is the computer and I'm starting to hate the computer.

I'm tired of being alone all. the. time.

gosh I think I would be certifiable if I didn't have my dog. at least I can hug her and talk to her, but she can't talk back and she can't hug me the way I need to be hugged right now.

I'm tired of all these tiny things going wrong making my day more miserable than it needs to be.

how much longer... are we there yet....
wait wait wait

truth is i'm probably already dead and in hell (It's COLD here... where's the fire?)

my own private hell.


Michelle said...

Ter, I wish we were closer in miles. I think we could be friends.

LeMira said...

We've never met, obviously. I just found your two blogs today. I will pray for angels to Hug you today in my place. I will pray that you can endure the days better, and they will seem shorter so that January will get here quicker. I will pray for you to be warm. . .

Anonymous said...

Have you thought anymore about doing foster-to-adopt?
There is this precious girl in the foster system who is deaf and I always think of you. I think, Ter would be a wonderful mother to this little girl who will most likely never get adopted because of her disability.