Thursday, October 22, 2009

who knew this house could become even more empty?

My cousin came and picked up my dog today. I sure miss her. My house feels so empty!! As if it didn't already feel empty.

My flight is at 7 AM, just over 11 hours from now. Hopefully I will get a nap in. I snoozed for all of 5 minutes so far. Hopefully a little more. I've got a couple more things to pack but am mostly ready. I hope. I hate airports. Alot of that is because of my hearing loss. I will worry the whole time that I will miss announcements or something.

But I'm going and I'm hoping I'll have a good time. This is my first-ever major trip. And going somewhere where I don't already know people. I'll be meeting a few of my online friends there but no one I already know will be there.

I'm taking a leap of faith. My husband died feeling like he did nothing with his life... at least now I'll be able to say I did something once.

And even if it means I don't eat for the next year, I don't care. I wonder if my pup is too old to train to be a service dog (she's only 2 but usually service dogs are trained right from the get go) then she could come with me everywhere.


forwardtumble said...

Have a wonderful time!

Wear sunscreen!

lots of love
xxxx Ines

roy/elisabeth dean said...

have a safe and WONDERFUL trip Ter!

Di said...

Got around to getting on my blog and saw updates from your blog. Glad you are going on a trip- nice to do something for yourself for a change, huh? Where are you going? Have a great time and be safe :)
Keep on hanging in there, something good has got to happen to you :)