Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Wish You Had Been There Today

Today was our 3rd Annual Walk to Remember. I wish you had been there. I kept looking to see if you were standing against the shelter like you were last year. I didn't see you. I looked and I looked.

I managed to get through the day fine but I was seriously missing both of you.

But when I got home I cried. :(

Why couldn't you have been there?

Why is there even a need for a walk?

Next year I might join the cancer walk which is tomorrow. I am not up to it this year. Though I think it's "breast cancer walk" not all cancers, but I could be mistaken.

I wish you had been there. I wish you were here too.


dqd said...


Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

The Breast Cancer Walk was Sunday. However, as much as it started as a walk to end breast cancer, it is still something that contributes to all cancers. Once we kill one, we'll get em all.

We could put in a team for next year, or join Holly's Mom's team (which my Mom and sister have been on each year.) It would be easiest to join that team, if you like. Just let me know.

HUGS, and I missed Bryan on Saturday too.

A Bear and His Honey said...

Hi I know the breast cancer walk was on sunday (i wrote the post on saturday which is why I said that it was "tomorrow")

But yeah, maybe I'll join next year. Though it seems to be always the Sunday after our walk and if this year is any indication I am POOPED on Sunday. lol oh well