Saturday, October 31, 2009


(Yesterday I posted in my daily blog about it being my EDD anniversary. You can head over there if you want to read it.)

Today is Hallowe'en.

Another day I really would rather not deal with, but kinda hard not to when the trick-or-treaters will be knocking on my door. I was going to hide upstairs and watch tv but there's nothing on tv on Saturday's and my dvd player is in the living room. So.

In the end I decided to get some chips to honor my husband (he had a huge chip addiction) and just pass those out to the trick or treaters. Hopefully the evening will go by quickly and that most of the kids come early. Usually I shut off my outside light and refuse to open the door past 8:30 or so. I may shut it sooner. After about 7:30 usually it's just the big kids who are big enough to get their own damn candy, anyway. But hopefully I will run out long before that then I can put up my "OUT OF CANDY" sign. or whatever. I just hope the dog won't bark bark bark. Last year she did okay, she barked at the first few kids and then after a while realized they were scary anyway. lol. I had treats out for her and had her stay on her mat most of the time. But she was recently trained and it was still working. It doesn't seem to work any other time, I dunno why. I hope it will work tonight because I just don't think I'll be able to deal otherwise. It also helped last year that the couch was where it was supposed to be and I could see the kids coming up to the door. This year, my couch is not where it's supposed to be. growwl.

the year before daddy was still here so I put emma up in the bedroom with him. before that we didn't have her yet.

This sucks.

I wish I could just disappear.

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Yaya said...


I think the chip dedication was a great idea.