Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Do My Writing When I'm Down In The Dumps

I don't want everyone to think that I'm woe-is-me 24/7. I just happen to do most of the blogging on this particular blog when I'm having a down in the dumps moment.

Sometimes it seems like it's all the time, and some days it is. Sometimes I will be fine one minute, crappy the next and fine the next. I'm never great, but how could I be what with all I've been through but I'm "Ok" sometimes.

And more often than not, I'll feel better, however temporarily, after I blog it.

But I just wanted you all to know. I could be worse. Trust me.

Yesterday was actually a pretty decent day, except the pain while walking. I chose to write while I was feeling down about the pain. I got it off my chest for a while and was able to focus on other stuff for a bit.

As someone mentioned in the comments, being positive IS helpful, but how can you be positive without shedding some of the negative.... hopefully more positive will replace some of the negative as time goes on, but right now they are battling for a spot in my overcrowded brain.

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Momma Mango said...

Well, I think it's healthy to have an outlet like this, personally... Anyone reading your blog can't expect you to be cheerful and positive all the time, sheesh. (Seriously, who is, anyway?) And with all you've been dealing with, you're certainly entitled to vent however you want (especially on your own blog!) I don't read all the other comments, but I hope you are still receiving some encouragement and positive feedback from your readers. I don't comment a lot, but I read your blog, and I pray for you still and hope for good things in your future.