Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gotta Put On My Happy Mask

Today, my brother is getting married.

Guess I gotta put on my happy mask*.

While all the while, I'll be wishing my Bear and my Babybear were there with me.

And fight back the tears.

Smile my fake smile and say congratulations, best wishes.

Oh yes, it is a happy day.

Better than a year ago today, indeed, but the memory will cast a shadow today.

Will anyone notice but me?


* refers to the poem "The Mask"


Jasmine said...

You wrote once that Bear loved weddings. Go and love this wedding for him. They are with you, in your heart and in the hearts that those that knew him. Be kind to yourself x

Karen said...

Thinking of you and your heavenly bears. I'm so sorry. (((hugs)))

ChaneyM said...

i don't know how you muster up the strength to go to a wedding...
i guess when it's your brother... :)
maybe when it is a sibling of mine, i will get there.
i want to go to a friend's wedding in two weeks, but i really can't do it yet. i still avoid all things bridal, wedding and marriage.