Friday, August 21, 2009


well it looks like the funeral is on Wednesday. So instead of heading out that way on Friday morning for my brother's wedding (saturday), I now have to head out there on Wednesday morning and hope I get there in the nick of time. (Yes, I know I could leave on Tuesday night but gosh darn it I was hoping to stay out there for as little time as possible. go friday come back sunday.)

The worst part is that I can't even find someone to watch my dog while I'm at the wedding (and now funeral).

I know I can stay at my mom's, I did last time but it made me sick. Literally. Her house is not in good condition. Mold and all that.

I also know I could go out wednesday and come back home then go back again, but what's the point. It's a 4 hour drive each way.

and I hate driving.

I miss my husband. :(

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Michelle said...

Im so sorry. What a hassle. Wish I was close enough to watch your furry baby for you.