Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Attempt To Follow My Husband's Wishes

(I posted this on Facebook recently and thought I'd post it here too. Maybe I'll motivate myself some more by having it it published)


Before he died, Bear told me two things.

The first is that he dreamed that I adopted a baby. Well, specifically he said I adopted a deaf baby. This is unlikely to happen (hearing or deaf) but I thought I would mention it anyway. Who knows, maybe someone reading this knows a birth mother wanting to give up her child for adoption. At this point I am not actively seeking to adopt, but should a child come my way, I can't see myself passing the opportunity up.

The second is that he wanted me to finish this house...

This is a list of things that need to be done around this house. I will probably add to it as I continue to think of things. Some of these things will not happen for a long time, some are more important than others, some are want-to's and some are need-to's. But they will all lead towards making this house what we hoped it would be.

I thought it might be easier to break it down by room.

Living Room/Front entry:

- baseboards
- vent
- find a switch plate for 3 switches that match or cordinate with others
- new window
- build half wall to separate entrance from living room
- find bookshelves and media shelf
- end tables
- console
- get pictures and vinyl up on wall
- new door for front entrance (or temporarily paint it until can afford new door)
- new tv / corner shelf
- rug? (now that I have the ottoman/coffeetable I'm not sure I want a rug! It'd have to be pretty big to fit under the ottoman/coffeetable)
- door on closet

Downstairs bathroom:

- new toilet
- new sink
- new baseboards
- new floor
- new doors (yes, I want to replace all the doors & windows in this house eventually)


- to be completely gutted and redone

Back entry:

- would like to add a mud room to the back if it is possible, thus expanding the back entry.

Stair way / hallway going upstairs:

- paint walls (I will hire someone to do this one because the celing is really high here)
- baseboards
- change light switches / plug switches
- change fan in hallway to either a light or a lighted fan (I have already gotten these, just need to install them)
- photos up on the walls (will probably use my photography photos)
- would like to install a small stain glass window at the top of the stairs to let more natural light in but that might be too pricey.

Babybear's Room / Craft Room

- until I get the basement done this will remain the craft room.
- replace window
- install closet organizer
- remove closet doors
- curtains/blinds
- organize craft supplies and Memory Box supplies
(eventually, I may either get the floor replaced or fixed up -- it is currently parquet flooring and it is missing pieces - same in the other 2 bedrooms)

Office/Guest Room:

I would like to make this solely a guest room. It is far too small to be using as both. Every time I have guests I have to lug out the chair and move stuff around so i can pull down the futon.

- paint
- new window
- closet organizer
- same as above regarding floors

Our room:

- new windows and window dressing
- new floor (or fix)
- expand T's closet to make into walk in closet for both of us
- turn B's closet into a build in desk/shelves.
- paint
- new furniture

Upstairs bathroom:

Entire thing needs to be redone / gutted.


- more lighting
- finish walls in laundry room (I really hate the cement
- replace window - add more windows (I really hate basements and this one only has one window so I rarely spend time in the basement due to this fact)
- more shelving in laundry room
- find out if laundry machines can be moved
- washing sink
- counter built in for folding clothes
- electrical work done so we can move the deep freeze into the laundry / storage room
- fake wood panels moved from family room

(actually we just want the whole basement redone)

Entire House:

Lots of electrical work to be done.
including but not limited to:

- some wiring needs to be updated
- some plug ins are not grounded
- some plug ins seem to be loose so when plugging in things they fall out

Outside of House/Yard:

- new gutters (this HAS to be done this year -- they leak)
- get plug out front grounded so we can use it to plug in the car instead of from back.
- paint outside of house
- front sidewalk to be leveled ( we had the back leveled by muddruckers just before we got our dog. They could not do the front because of the material - it would just make it all crumble. However, they did tell us a name of a product that we can use to level it but I can't remember the name of the product.)
- new lighting at back (there's no light there now)
- new light fixtures at side and front
- remove tree from front yard (it has lots of dead branches, and leans - if we removed all the dead branches, it would look pretty bad and it is still in danger of being knocked over in a storm. If it gets knocked over it will knock out my car, my neighbors car, part of my house and part of my neighbors house. we do not want that! - but it will cost about 500 dollars to have it removed properly. *sigh*)
- somehow separate my front yard from from the attached townhouse. It just encourages people to walk across the front when there's nothing there.
- new shed to be built at side of house (THIS I WANT TO GET DONE THIS YEAR - THE OLD ONE IS GROSS AND LEAKY)
- tear down old shed
- expand patio to include the spot where the shed is currently
- (and once that's done) add stairs / mini deck to french doors at back
- find out if a/c can be moved - it is currently blocking the water spout / very difficult to get to water in summer and not to mention dangerous as we have to lean across the a/c.
- replace wire fence with wooden (just one section of fence)
- build up garden in back
- new dryer vent cover (we bought one TWO YEARS AGO and then Bear was nervous about actually doing it himself so it never got done)

- ONE THING I WANT TO GET DONE THIS YEAR IS MAKE SOME BOXES TO START A SQUARE FOOT GARDEN FOR VEGGIES (see this link to learn more about square foot gardens - )
- start a compost (I bought a compost bin... just need to get it set up and started!)

- install a clothes line.


Rocksee said...

You can do it!

Joc(e) said...

I think it's great that you made such a comprehensive list. Don't pressure yourself to get it all done in any certain amount of time...but just knowing it's there and you can choose things from it as you're ready to do them is a great start. (((HUGS)))