Monday, February 9, 2009

Kick Me While I'm Down, Why Don'tcha!?

So, today I had an appointment to see the financial advisor at the bank to see what can be done with various things that I am left with due to my husband's untimely death.

While I am there, I tell her I have not yet heard from CPP (as well as a few other things) and so she phones CPP for me and tells them that I haven't heard anything, and it has been almost 2 months since I sent the forms. He advises her that the case was closed and she points out that I haven't even gotten a letter.


He proceeds to tell her that I don't qualify for my husband's death benefits BECAUSE I AM TOO YOUNG.

Like I can help that? Did I ask to be born when I was born? Did I ask for my husband to die two days before his 38th birthday? Seven days before my 33rd birthday?

I am SO F'ing TIRED.

I can not DEAL anymore.


April said...

I am so sorry for what you're going through...just doesn't seem fair! I believe that you WILL see your husband and daughter, again, one and believe!

Anonymous said...

That doesn't even make any sense that you are too young. Does he think people can choose when they die, are born, etc.?

He sounds like an uncompassionate creep.

Ter, I know things are difficult, but don't give up.

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...


You qualify. You just don't get them until you are 65. Stupid, yes. But, that's them thar Feds for you.

You deserve a letter explaining all of this. Want for me to call Service Canada (ha! Service! oxymoron for sure!) and see if they can't send you some sort of letter?

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Ter! Honey, hang in there! God will help you through this! There have been times when I would be at my wits end, because financially everything seemed so bleak. The medical bills still are piling up, but just when I get to the point of losing my mind, we will get an unexpected check in the mail. I'm sorry about the bad news about the benefits, but remember how God never closes a door without opening a window! In the meantime, let us help you. You have a lot of friends in blogland, Im sure any of us could help until you get back on your feet. Send my your address. Don't EVER give is too precious, you know that. email me or call me 334.324.5001
♥ Lilly

Jo said...

So does that mean that when you get to be the "proper" age you will get the benefits then?

Man Ter! I'd be spittin' mad too! And I'd have to just throw a fit or two (or three hundred)! That is just WRONG! The benefits are there to help you in the event that your husband dies ..... it shouldn't matter how YOUNG you are!!!! That should be an even bigger reason for you to get them!!

Dammit girl! I wish I were there so I could call those a-holes up for you!!!!


Jo said...

Ok... let me try this again.

Did they say that once you ARE old enough you can get the benefits??

If not then I'd fight it tooth and nail! I'll come up there and fight with you!!!

That's just not right! The benefits are to help you when your husband dies.... it shouldn't matter how YOUNG you are! You are entitled to them!

I am so sorry, Ter. I know this is a difficult time for you, and I'm here in any way I can be.


Joc(e) said...

Let me know if I can help in any way, as a go-between to get you some answers...even if I'm just an ugly American ;-) (((BIG HUGS))) I'm so sorry you have to go through all this BS.

Sarah C. said...

Ugh. How frustrating to say the least! I hope the financial advisor was able to help you with some of the other things. ((HUGS))

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

So, I know that it may have seemed like you arne't entitled to anything, and that might have been what was implied, but I don't think it's true. B paid CPP,therefore someone is entitled to it. If not him, then you. All I can find on the website:

says that you will get a lump sum death benefit, but because you are so young, and this is a PENSION payment, you are not eligible to get it now. You get it when you retire. That's because this is pension money that is meant to support you in your old age.

Apparently as Canadians we are supposed to get some sort of annual statement about our CPP contributions. Not even being 40 yet, I don't look for my CPP contributions, but I'd be willing to bet real money that it's in with your Tax Return. :-)

That should give you an idea of what B contributed since he turned 18, and what you will be entitled to when you are eligible for CPP.

If you were eligible to receive CPP now, you would get this money now.

It sounds like you (or someone on behalf of you, the bank lady maybe?) applied for the CPP benefit. If you did not apply, you definately won't be entitled. :-) That's why I said to request a letter explaining all of this.

I know, it's just one more thing to pile on your plate when it's already full to tipping, but it's one more necessary thing. You shouldn't miss out on this money, just like you should fight about the insurance on the Van. It's hard to fight right now, but you should do it.

A Bear and His Honey said...

A -

I filled out the forms, but B contributed to CPP via his work. I think most of us do.

The bank lady told the guy on the phone to send me a letter. He said fine but it will take 4-6 weeks for the letter to be sent (whatever)

THEN I can appeal it.

As for the van, I can appeal that, but I can't hear well on the phone and I am not up to wasting my time especially on the TTY via the relay service.

I just do not have very much motivation right now. Or perhaps a better way of saying it is I just don't have the desire to deal with other people right now. I feel that no matter how hard I try, it won't work out for me.

The bank lady did not seem very encouraged about my chances of getting the van payment appealed. She didn't seem too positive about me being able to fight CPP either.

But thank god blue cross came through for me. Although most of that money will go towards the van now.

Zil said...

Hugs to you. Sending you strength.