Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Parking Woes

The parking by the hospital is so stressful. On Mondays and Tuesdays, both the main lot and the parkade are always full. I usually have to park a few blocks away at a shopping mall strip where parking is limited to 3 hrs only. The fear of getting a ticket or having the van towed means I don't get a very long visit.

Today, neither the lot nor the parkade were full, however, both had their entrances barricaded. It is so frustrating! I ended up parking in the shopping strip lot again, which is fine but our visit was again cut short.

In addition to parking being stressful, so is driving. Currently, most of the roads are alright but as winter progresses, there's bound to be more ice on the roads and snow. Not only that, but I am so exhausted all the time that I nearly fall asleep on my way home from the hospital almost every day. You may think I'm exaggerating about that but unfortunately I am not. I struggled so hard to stay awake today. The funny-not-so-funny thing is that at nighttime I can not sleep, but put me in a car and out like a light I go.

Speaking of the woes of parking and driving, I have some disappointing news. You may remember this post about Heather at Mom4Life sending me gift cards for gas. I took them to the Esso station and was told that they would not work. I let Heather know and she called the head office and the person she spoke to informed her that they will work at some stations, not all. So I went to another one and again was informed they would not work. Heather called the main office yet again and spoke to another person who told her that no they won't work in Canada.

I feel terrible that Heather and her blog readers went through all the trouble and spending their money. I will be sending the cards back to Heather and hopefully she will be able to find another deserving family who can use these cards. I would like to again thank everyone who donated to the cause and I will never forget your generosity and kindness.


Today, Bear was doing alright. He had his catheter changed and we wheeled around in his chair a bit. As I mentioned earlier, our visit was short, and I got there when he was having lunch. It was still nice to spend a little time with him.

The pup is staring at me, I should really take her for a walk. I feel guilty not spending enough time with her and taking her for walks as she needs her exercise. I am just so tired today and I think I'll take a nap if I can fall asleep.


Shea said...

Oh that stinks that those cards don't work. Stupid Canada!LOL! Thinking of you.

Jo said...

Oh man! That sucks about the gas cards!!! How RUDE!

Ok... here's a plan for your sleeping problem. Put your video camera on the dash board and drive around until the tape is full. Bring a seat from the van into the house, put the driving tape in the VCR, strap yourself into the van seat and snooze :)

Big Hugs Ter! I know it's difficult, but keep your chin up!

Dana Lucas said...

LOL Jo's idea is funny. Just be careful. We might all be watching the video while you are recovering in ths hospital from the accident because you were not only falling asleep, but trying to record your driving as well. At least we could say, "Okay and here is where she hit the...."

I'm sorry to hear about the gas cards you got from Heather and her donors. Darn!

I'm going to post the Chipin Widgit--for my fundraiser--here on your blog, Ter. Please don't get mad and not allow me to do that! I really want people to know where they can donate if they want to!


Dana Lucas said...

Well, that didn't work! Okay, I'll just leave a comment here regarding the "fundraiser" I am having on behalf of Ter and Bear.

It is called:

A BEAR and HIS HONEY (based on Ter's very first entry on this blog).

If you want to help Ter and Bryan during this time of hardship, please go to:

It is my hope that we can raise enough funds to help Ter with things such as parking, food, Christmas Shopping, and, now, gas for her car.

Just so you know, although she is grateful, she is embarrassed by my efforts. Ter is such a GIVER in her own right, I suppose turn about is fair play. SO THERE!

If you want to read what I posted in a bulletin on MySpace, you can visit my blog at

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

Hey girly. As for sleeping, maybe talk to your Doc and see about getting a sleep aid. My Dad was having a lot of trouble sleeping and ended up getting sleeping pills. He only needed to take them for about 3 weeks until his body was rested enough to sleep well on it's own. I think that this can work wonders for you and especially because you don't have to worry about getting up in the morning right away, you can let the meds work their magic and get up whenever. Being well rested will enable you to cope more easily, something which you really need!!!

And being well rested is the whole point of being on this leave, so that you can do what you have to, and you need to rest.