Friday, November 21, 2008

Candlelight Ceremony

Every year the local TCF (The Compassionate Friends) puts on a candlelight ceremony at the end of November as a way to start the holiday season. The ceremony is to remember our children gone too soon.

I debated about going because Bear would be unable to attend. I wanted to ask if it was possible but he did not want to attempt it.

In the end, I went to the ceremony. It was so beautiful, as usual. I lit a candle in memory of my daughter, and I lit a candle in hope for my husband.

I only managed to take one photo, which is of a photo of my daughter on the "Children Remembered" table. The table was very long and I wanted to get a photo of the entire table but I did not think to do that at the start and at the end of the ceremony people rushed up to get their photos. Too bad there isn't more time to spend looking at the photos, so that everyone can remember the children, even those they never met.

In any case, I am glad I went. I wish you were there, Bear. I love you forever, Babybear.


Jo said...

Oh Ter... I'm so glad you went. I'm sorry that Bear didn't want to go with you :(

I wish I had a pic of Lilly to put on that table too.

Big Hugs for you and for Bear.

Sending you some energy to help keep you going.

Mom 4 Life said...

Just to see the photos of the children in your photo makes me tear up and then to think that there was an entire table, oh there are just some aches that never go away. Many hugs sweetie.

Sarah C. said...

What a beautiful way to remember your daughter and the other children. I'm so sorry you had to go alone this year. ((HUGS))