Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bear Huggers

In my sidebar, you will see the option to follow this blog. I renamed it "Be a Bear Hugger" to go with the title of this blog.

Some of you I have gotten to know via my regular blog With An Angel On My Shoulder or other aspects of my life. However, some of you came here because you heard the story Bear having cancer. Which ever way you got here, I'm grateful for your visits and for your support.

I have attempted to reply to some of the comments, but I fear I have missed a few. Some of you only lurk, which is okay too.

I thought maybe I would give you all a chance to introduce yourselves (or re-introduce) and tell me how you came to discover my blog. You don't have to go into alot of detail, and nor do you have to give "in real life" information. Just your first or blogging name and how you came to my blog, and if you're a fellow blogger, let me know. One of my keep-my-mind-off-everything tricks is to read other people's blogs! Not everyone has a blog in their profiles.

If you feel uncomfortable with posting a comment, you're more than welcome to email me at the address on my profile.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who has been there for us during our journey so far.


The Stemkoski's said...

Ter-I know you from SHARE, and have followed yours and Bear's story from the very beginning. Sending great big ((((Hugs)))) and keeping you in my prayers daily. Much love to you both.

Kasi said...

Ter- I meet you on Share, and we just lost contact for awhile. I got a bullitine on myspace about Bear. I have read beginning to end and will continue to follow. Please know you and Bear are always in my prayers. My mother has canser, and I can only emagine how hard it is for you...I couldn't even emaigine it beinging my husband. Sending many thoughts, prayers, and hugs your way. Kasi

The Powell Family said...

Hey there from Katy, Texas. I think I have been a lurker(sounds so creepy!) up to this point, but wanted you to know that I follow your story and pray. Today I am praying for your strength! You really are a strong woman and an inspiration!

ps...I subscribe with my google reader and I have no idea how I got here the first time

Liz said...

I'm here, I read every post. I'm subscribed to your blog and I am praying for you both a whole lot.

The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

I'm part of the SHARE family too. :) I read every post and continue to keep you and Bear in my prayers!

mamma2 said...

Hi! I have been a lurker for awhile now. I found your blog from a comment you posted on some other blog. I am amazed at your strength. I could not even imagine what you have gone through or are going through.


Susan @ fivemangoes said...

Hi, I think I started following your blog / story from a comment you posted on Bring the Rain? (Angie Smith's blog).
Praying for you and Bear!

Sarah said...

it's me. have known you for almost three years now since we both lost our precious daughters! i pray for you both daily and hope to get the chance to meet you both very soon!
love ya t! you are a great lady and friend!!!

Denise said...


I have been a lurker on this blog but I come and check daily for updates. We met through Share. I pray everyday for you and Bear and hope that everyday you spend with each other is special and memorable in every way. (((HUGS)))

Colleen said...

I too am a lurker most of the time, but here many times a day to check on updates. My prayer are with you too! I am glad you have this blog to reach out with. Keep writing!! Blessings!

Jo said...

I'm a Bear Hugger :-D I met you on Share and we chat almost daily. I have followed Bear's story even before it became it's own blog.

You, Bear and Tyla are in my prayers daily... and have been added to the prayer group at my church as well as the prayers of a small group I belong to at church.

Bear Hugs to YOU ;) You are a fabulous person.

Monica said...

I'm Monica and I found you through Heather on Mom4Life.

Michelle said...

Hi Ter -- you may remember me from Share. I'm CarinaHopesMom on there. I was heartbroken to hear all that your sweet Bear and you are enduring. I lurk here regularly and you, Bear and your precious Tyla are in my thoughts often. Sending you loads of (((hugs))), prayers, and positive thoughts.

Dana Lucas said...

(((Ter))) We met shortly after the loss of your sweet Baby Bear. I don't recall if it was on Share of Compassionate Friends. In any case, it was on the internet and we became a part of each other's support system.

I followed you to MySpace where you, eventually, abandoned me (wink wink). Stalker that I am, I found you on Facebook. LOL You then introduced me to With An Angel On My Shoulder which I wasn't reading often enough, apparantly, and you began sending me emails and Instant Messages. Yes, you then became MY stalker and, well, the rest is history....

Some day we will meet in person-- If you are real! I hear you don't question my validity because, in your words, I am "too unique." That is one of the nicest ways to call someone "so weird there is no way she could make it up." I take that as a compliment. (((Hugs)))

Oh, yes, I also have a fundraiser going--on your and Bear's behalf. Anyone can donate using PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. They can go to:

They can also read my blog about it at

The blog is entitled A MUST READ.

Shell said...

Hi there,

I started following your blog after I found it on a facebook site of a friend. I follow it now because you're in my prayers and you have such strength. I dont' have a blog right now, though.

My thoughts are with you,


Ingrid said...

I started following your blog when Heather posted the link on Mom4life. I'm mostly a lurker too, but you and Bear are in my prayers daily.

A Bear and His Honey said...

Shell - you mentioned once that you knew my husband once upon a time. Please email me to tell me how you knew him, ok! :)

Valarie said...

I can't remember how I came across your blog, probably via "Mabel's House" (Whether you left a comment, or someone who did also follows your blog). I am a fellow blogger, though I have few readers. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage IVB uterine cancer almost two years ago. She is still working part-time, but takes turns living with my husband and I and his brother and his wife.
I went over to your other blog, and had to close the window because I started crying at work.
I tend to lurk, but I'm here, thinking about you guys.

Shell said...

Hi again! I sent an email to the only address I could find (hope it gets to you!) Let me know if it doesn't, ok?