Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blood Transfusion & A Time Line

Bear was given a blood transfusion today. I was upset because they did not wait for me to get there to talk to the doctor to learn more about why he was being given a blood transfusion before he actually got one.

As it turns out, his hemoglobin was low and the transfusion is to bring up his blood cells and hopefully to give him some more energy. I know there was more to it than that but I can't recall off hand. It won't do anything for his blood clots, he is still getting blood thinners for that.

Dr. C came in to speak with Bear. She is the doctor who is taking over for Dr. St. G who is on holidays and it was her that ordered the blood transfusion. While she was there, I asked her if Bear could have another MRI to get an idea on how the cancer is progressing. She did not think this was a good idea. It would only cause more pain for Bear and it would not do anything to change the outcome of his situation. I then told her that we realize that there is not going to be a change in an outcome but how do we get a better idea of how long we have. How can we know just how bad it is if there isn't any testing done? Dr. C tells me how they determine how quickly one is declining. They base it upon how well Bear is eating, how alert he is, how well he communicates, how much he sleeps, how comfortable he is (with less pain medication), etc.

She says she believes he will be here to see the New Year. I thought this was good news, it means he will be here for Christmas and will live longer than he thought. Bear, of course, thinks this is awful news, that this means he will "only" live til the New Year. I told him that is not necessarily true. It means they think he will live AT LEAST that long. Perhaps longer!

Today, Bear was feeling much less pain than he has the last two days. Due to the blood transfusion, he had not gone in his chair today, but hopefully tomorrow he will be able to get in his chair and have little or no pain. The increase of pain medications seems to be working.

Here's to hoping for the best.


Sarah said...

t...what great news that he is feeling better today!!! and i'm glad the dr. is thinking he'll be around longer than originally expected. try to keep him as positive as you can b/c that will only help him out.

ps. could you send me via email or fb an address that i could mail a card to bear at? and yours again? (i tried to update my address book and in the meantime lost all addresses. argh!)

Jen Sue Wild said...

This is good news ter..
I am glad to hear that things are going as good as they can..

Jo said...

Oh so glad to hear good news :)

I would like an addy too. Of course, the card I send probly won't be as cute as the ones you make :)

Hugs to you and Bear! And some for Emma too :)

Kasi said...

I am so glad he didn't have much pain today! I pray it stays that way for him. You both will continue to be in my prayers..(((HUGS)))

Laurie said...

Praying for your Bear's pain to go away and for as much precious time as the Lord will give. Praying for your heart too. Keep hoping, it is a good thing.

Laurie in Ca.

Sarah said...

This may sound dumb but I wish I lived close so I could be there to listen, help out or just watch your sweet dog. May the Lord Jesus give you the peace only He can give and the understanding to walk this difficult road. Prayers surround you and Bear. Hugs to you both.
Sarah from MI