Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Information Overload

Today, I got a little bit too much information to process. I don't think anything has resolved itself but maybe once I have a chance to sort through it all in my head it will start falling into place.

First off, the lawyer we contacted says he will be able to help us but not for a few more weeks. So, I said well I don't know if we have a few more weeks, so I said to be on the safe side I guess I will have to look for another option.

Secondly, WHEW - the medical oncologist office phoned to tell me they found the compassionate care forms I had taken in for them to fill out. A load off my mind.... but wait! Things are going to change in a bit so this might not have even been necessary at this point.

I get to the hospital, and the palliative care guy is there and he tells us that the palliative care facility is pretty much at it's maximum capacity. So, what are our other options? A Nursing Home, Hospice, or bringing Bear home.

Now, ideally, I would love for Bear to be home, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post, how is it possible to have him home with all the medical issues he is having and all the equipment that would need to be crammed into our teeny tiny house?

So, we are looking into hospice. It probably isn't as comfortable as palliative care but it is more comfortable than the hospital, I think. This does not mean that he will never get into palliative care, it is just to get him out of the hospital. Kind of a transition place.

The PC guy is contacting the hospice folks and hopefully something will be arranged very shortly.

After he left, the social worker came in to talk to us. She gave me some good advice in regards to compassion care and I am going to heed her advice. She tells me that because compassion care is only 6 weeks in length, she suggests that I get a "sick note" from my doctor in regards to stress leave. I can get up to I think 15 weeks of stress leave (sick leave) and then I can follow that with 6 weeks of compassion leave or whatever might work at that point in time. In truth, with my high blood pressure and high stress level, I really don't need to have the additional stress of having to go to work every day during this time.

The social worker also gave me a number of a lawyer that she knows that will be more likely to be able to help us on a short notice. I will call him tomorrow.

So as you can see, I have a lot of information to process through and it is overwhelming!

As for Bear, last night he had a better night. He calls it a so-so night. So today he was doing better than yesterday but not as great as a few days ago. He is still quite sore and now he is unable to expel his bladder. They are manually expelling it.

Before I could get there, he had a chance to sit in his chair for an hour. Somehow I keep missing him in his chair!

Today his brother and sister in law arrived from Ontario. I think it will be good for him to spend some time with his brother. His mom is coming back on the weekend.

I would also like to put a shout out to my dear friends A & A, who have been tremendous towards me (us) the last few weeks (years!). I love you guys!! Seriously, these guys deserve some kinda award!


Jo said...

Oh hugs Terri! I hope it all works out for you guys!

Still praying.. and have asked my bible study to pray for you guys too!

I hope you get to see B in his chair soon so we can see pics :)

I know it's difficult.. but keep your chin up!

I'm here if you ever need to talk!

Joc(e) said...

Hooray for A & A!! :-D

I hope that B will be able to get into hospice if not PC. He definitely needs 24 hour care and people to help with these things that you can't do by yourself. I have to say I don't really understand why he doesn't have a urinary catheter in by now, not that it would be fun to have one...but I've had one and you never even feel like you have to go, your bladder just empties. I hope they have good reasons for what they're doing.

Take care, sweetie...(((HUGS)))

Dana Lucas said...

Oh, Ter, so many things to think about...decisions to make...choices, etc. My heart really goes out to you. Like I said, before, I don't even WANT to imagine what you are enduring. Yet, my mind is definitely "going there" these days and it is so upsetting. So much so that I can hardly hold the thought for very long. And here you are, experiencing the very thing I hope I will never have to endure.

I Love You:


Melody said...

I came over from Mom 4 Life.

I can't imagine all that you are going through. I am so sorry.

I am praying for you.

Frates Baby Farm said...

Hi, I was introduced to your site from my friend Heather. I want to you to know that as I wake this morning to a rising sun and a new day you and your family are in my prayers. I lift you up and pray that you have strength and perserverance. Your blog is so touching and at the same time heart breaking. Thank you for sharing.

Alli said...

Girl, I'm here for you both! (Heck, so is Art. :-) ) We'll do whatever you need us to do.

Let me know if we still need to go driving. I'll book another inlaws day. It's win win for everyone then, the grandparents get the grandbabies, I get a day with no kids and a great friend, and you get someone to do your driving for you. Tuesday doesn't work for me, but any other day next week does!

Then, let me know about the lights, painting, baseboards (the chop saw is fun! I'll teach you to use scary power tools yet!) and all that other crap, oh, and we should re-caulk your bathroom, it's gross. :-)

I love you too Ter. Really.

Sarah Guckes said...

Still thinking of you guys and sending (((HUGS)))