Monday, January 11, 2010

WTH? LOL or Not?

Okay so I just checked in here and saw a comment from a "Loser Paul" (seriously that's what the name was) who certainly lived up to his name, by asking me if either I, or someone I know is looking for a "good husband" and if so, then this is my lucky day!

Needless to say I rejected that comment, but it sure made me laugh. I don't know if it was a ha-ha-funny-laugh or a life-sucks-mind-as-well-laugh-laugh.

Ugh, WTH, here I am 34 yrs old and thrusted back into the single scene. Not that I'm planning on dating anyone anytime soon, or ever again, really, but if I even wanted to, the world is full of losers and the ones who are not losers are already married, or gay. And I ain't one for one-night-stand even if I could manage to find someone interested. Ha! That'd be the day!

Whatever. But thanks, "Loser Paul" for reminding me yet again, that I've lost a good husband. I do not need a "good husband" as you claim to be!


Momma bear said...

hahaha, that is prettu funny!!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Maybe this was not to meant to be funny. But I couldent stop laughing..

I really cant belive that he wrote that and under the name looser paul..

Caitlin said...

"Loser Paul?" Sigh. At least he's honest? What a weird world we live in!