Monday, November 30, 2009

bear's birthday cake

I made Bear this cake. Most of it will go in the freezer. Only one person showed up for cake, so only the ears are gone. I guess shopping and football (stupid Grey Cup) were more important to most people. I'm sure there were other excuses too. But no one said the real reason....they don't want to be around a sad, miserable person. Well, I can tell you that during that 1 hour that someone was here was the only hour of the entire day that I was not miserable.

So Bear died 2 days before his birthday. Babybear died and was born 3 days later.

My birthday is on Friday. Hopefully, I will have the same fate to die a few days before my birthday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh wait.

I never get what I want.


Anonymous said...

Ter, don't say that. :(

That cake is awesome.

Crystal said...

The cake looks great.

I am sad for you that only 1 person showed up, I am sad for you that you are sad. I pray that you will find some peace. I am always thinking of you and your family and I don't even know you. I live thousands of miles away in another country but you cross my mind everyday. Always praying for you.

April said...

Ter...we think so much of you and it hurts us to know that you are in so much pain. Please know that I'm lifting you up in my prayers!

Michelle said...

Im so sorry.....I would have been there if all these miles werent between us.