Saturday, October 10, 2009

a year ago today....

.... you left home and never came back....

You were in the hospital from October 10th - November 27 when you died.

I can't believe I have lived without you for a whole year.




forwardtumble said...

I'm sorry, Ter, It's terrible, curse and swear and wail. I wish i could hold you. It's not right, he's not with you.

Sending you a big hug and lots of love


Annie@A View On Design said...

understandably you still feel the pain as if he left yesterday... I wish I could be in Canada (even for just a day) so I could hug you tight and let you know that the pain will go, it just takes time. I've read through all your posts on this site - you write so well, even if about a horrible topic! it is obvious you still feel pain and anger, but mostly you appear lonely. I'm not going to try and fix all your probs, you have to do that in your time, your way, but don't give up, living on, having a wonderful life is how you honour your loved one's who have passed. That's what they would have wanted, and I don't think saying your DH is dead is weird. Apparently it's normal, it's our way of ensuring the memory of our loved ones don't fade - it's important you continue to speak of them - however you see fit!

I remember meeting a woman I bought a desk off, for only 10mins, and in that 10mins she told me of her loosing her 4yo daughter to an illness within a month. I was a little surprised at the time that she would tell me that. But that was her way having her daughter live on. In a way, it was really sweet and I'm glad she did.

I'm following this blog now, and I'd like to leave comments from time to time to try and ensure you that you are not alone. (even if I am in Australia)!


Caitlin said...

ugh. What a tough week for you- I'm sorry. It SUCKS that you are going through this, and I wish I could help or tell you why.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Ter.