Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15th

I will be lighting my candle at 7pm tonight for the world wide wave of light in honor of October 15th (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day) in memory of my daughter, and her daddy too, even though he's not an infant.

Dear Bear,

Please hold our babybear tight and give her lots of hugs and kisses from me today. Please tell her how much I love her and how I can not wait to see her again. Please tell her how much she means to me, and how I live my life for her even though she is not here.

Dear Babybear,

Please give your daddy a big ol' bear hug from mommy. Please tell daddy how much I love him and how I can't wait to see him again. Please tell him how much he means to me. Please tell him that I'll do my best to make him (and you) proud of me.

I wish we had been celebrating Thanksgiving last weekend. and that we were now preparing for Babybear's 4th birthday (she was due Oct. 30) and Halloween. I wish we could be together as a family, like we're supposed to be.


forwardtumble said...

love to you, Ter.

I would love to know your husband's and daughter's name.
Until then he's bear and she's babybear...

xx Ines

A Bear and His Honey said...

hi there it's funny you asked. Earlier today I finally mentioned my daughter's name on my regular blog. I had an earlier post on this blog with my husband's name after his funeral. But really I called them Bear and babybear all the time too, even when they were here, even before I started to blog. It just suits them.

Anonymous said...

It's just not fair.

I didn't realize her due date was the 30th. :(