Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yard Work

whew, I've been outside all afternoon doing yard/garden work. I always thought our yard was kinda small, but now that I'm doing the yardwork by myself too, it seems much bigger. But it's getting done. You'd be proud of me, I think. Though I'm struggling to keep a balance between yard work, house work, errands, and downtime. I almost always gravitate towards downtime, it's the easiest and takes less effort/energy. But today I'm cleaning up the yard the best I can. Can't say I'll finish but at least it's getting there.

on the upside I see growth. The irises, gayfeathers, daisies, lillies, bleeding hearts and even the clematis are starting to grow. I haven't seen the crocuses yet and they are usually the first to come out, but perhaps due to cool weather they won't come this year.

Yesterday it snowed in the morning but thankfully today is nice enough to be outside with my tanktop on, at least while working away. Emma was napping for a while when we came inside for a break but she can never relax outside. But hopefully all this fresh air will keep her tuckered out this evening.

I hope I can get over my fear of the propane tank on the BBQ so I can BBQ up some meals. I'm craving BBQ but it just isn't the same without you.

Somedays I can fool myself into thinking you're at work. I spent plenty of weekends at home by myself til you got home, but when you don't come home I can't fool myself anymore.

Please give babybear a big hug today. I sure wish I could do that myself. Someday I will. I will work on this house til it's done then I can come see you both.

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forwardtumble said...

Hey Ter, keep going with your yard. I am seriously overdoing my gardening at the moment. But if not now, then when? The other day, you posted a list of things to do and you had a link to the square foot garden. It came at the right time for me. i had just found a similar link that inspired me to build my beds. Have a look.

much love