Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm tired of cooking for just me. It's really hard to enjoy the same foods when you're not here to enjoy them with me. In fact, no one is here to enjoy them with me. The last few times I've had company they could not stay for dinner. I'm so tired of eating alone.

I have thought about setting up some facebook events to get people to come over here but I can not deal with the rejection right now.

No one wanted to come to Babybear's BBQ (even if it was also our anniversary) last year, why would they want to come "just because'?

Fuck, I hate this.

Hopefully I'll find some energy to take pup for a walk tonight. (I'll probably forget by the time I eat supper and all that which seems to be the situation more often than not) She hasn't been walked in probably a month. Poor pup. I'm a lousy mom. She deserves better. I'd look for someone to take her and give her a better home, but I need her since I have no one else to hug.


Rocksee said...

If I didn't live thousands of miles away, I would definately come. I wish that people would want to come to things i plan to. But they don't.

I'd be your dinner buddy. No problem. :)

Keep the faith girly.

AnnaMarie said...

I would love to come to dinner! Try inviting people again. In fact, if your friends feel a little awkward with your losses they may be more inclined to come over "just because".

I know what you mean about rejection though. No one accepted my invitation to Mother's Day dinner out, but I got dressed up and took myself out to dinner anyway (not as good as having company but better than sitting at home alone).

And Emma needs you as much as you need her.


Shea said...

I would also love to come to dinner. I've been working on something to give you so I could hand deliver it (and it would give me motivation to finish it). I'm sorry you are so lonely. (((HUGS)))