Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Grief is so exhausting. I can tell this is going to be a bad week already.

My glasses broke a couple weeks ago. I got new glasses. But they hurt my eyes. I thought if I waited a few days they would get better but they haven't. I can't even motivate myself to go take them back.

My hearing aid is crapping out AGAIN. Not last time but the time before he told me if it happens again, bring it in and they'll give me a replacement and send it back. But he didn't. he just replaced the tube. Well I contacted him today to tell him it was crapping out and he said he will forward my email to someone. What? I don't get it.

Anyway all this is pissing me off.

And to make matters worse, if you remember a while back CPP denied my claim. You can read my previous post about why. Anyway a few months ago they sent me all these forms to fill out. I gave one form to my doctor, I happened to have an appointment that day. So he filled that out and sent it in but as i was reading the questions I just couldn't deal with it so I gave up. I am not trying to apply for disability. I'm only claiming (truthfully) that I have a disability and therefore I qualify for the survivor's benefit according to its fucked up rules.

Anyway so today, they sent me the same forms saying they still need me to send those forms. So today I was filling it up getting madder and madder. why the fuck do they need to know how much I weigh? Hell no, I am not telling them that. I even wrote on there none of your fucking business.

Well I doubt I will mail it because obviously my anger would make them say no way and discard it. But I'm getting mad because I was NOT CLAIMING DISABILITY.

(even though I do have a disability you fuckheads)

yeah I realize I'm swearing and I try my best not to swear on my blogs but right now I'm in a real pissed off mood.

I was already in a lousy mood.

Please tell me what I need to do so I can come see you and babybear. the pup is sad too. :(


forwardtumble said...

Oh good grief, I hate these pencil pushers. I'm fuming with you. Curse all you want, I can take it :-)

forwardtumble said...

Oh good grief, I hate these pencil pushers. I'm fuming with you. Swear all you want, I can take it :-)