Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Blogger Needs Your Prayers

I heard about this giveaway and thought I would check it out. As it turns out, the blogger's husband is battling cancer. As all of you probably suspect, this hit home to me. I hope that you will check out Elizabeth's blog and watch for updates on Roy's Progress. A few prayers won't hurt either. Here's wishing this family all the best.

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

YOu are such a sweetheart to help get the word out about my giveaway. I hope to raise lots of money for cancer research, but if nothing else maybe I can raise a lot of awareness.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband and daughter. I don't know how you do it...I don't know how I will. I will read every post, maybe I will be able to find some strength.
Thank you again...God bless you sweet girl~