Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching Up

I have been a bit MIA lately. My cousin came to stay with me for two days. It was really nice to see her as it had been over a year since she was here last. She helped me a bit around the house, but most of all just having her here motivated me to get things done myself. Thank you so much, Cuz.

As you saw in the photos I posted, my cousin and I took the furrybear to the hospital to see her daddy. It went really well. I was worried about how she would react in a strange environment, but she did so good! When she first went in the room, she was very leery of her surroundings and cautiously walked up to Bear. After a few minutes and coming to the conclusion that he was not a figment of her imagination, she began to wag her tail and get excited to see her Daddy.

The nurses loved her and in fact we were asked if we can bring her into see another patient, and so we did. She did very well with the other patient too. So well, in fact, that I am seriously considering to look into what it takes to become a Therapy Dog.

Bear was so happy to see his pup. He was upset at first because he thought she forgot him, but she was just protecting her heart.

I hope to take her again this week.

On Friday, I saw Bear in his chair for the first time since he was admitted into the hospital. The lift that lifts him off the bed and into the chair was pretty neat to see, but also heartbreaking to see him so vulnerable. I walked him up and down the hall a few times. He is not quite ready to leave the ward yet but maybe a few more times in the chair he will be able to sit in it longer.

He tells me that for Hallowe'en, Santa showed up and gave all the patients a treat.

Yesterday, my mom and uncle showed up and my mom decided to spend the night at my house. By the time we got back to my place from the hospital it was pretty late so we just ate and watched a little tv. I started falling asleep on the couch at a very early time due to lack of sleep the night before.

Today, I managed to go back to the gym since my mom was here to keep the furrybear company. I really need my gym visits to get my energy level back up, especially with the overload of Hallowe'en candy.

When I arrived at the hospital today, I thought I went into the wrong room. Bear had his beard shaved off. He never had a beard before he ended up in the hospital in August. With radiation they recommend no shaving during that period of time, and by the time the effects of radiation would wear off, he was back in the hospital where he's been since. But today the lack of beard showed how much weight he's lost in his face. I was shocked! Of course, I hadn't thought to take my camera today, so I will have to take it tomorrow.

Bear has been feeling up and down the last few days. He has an airbed now which he likes much better than the other one. The throat infection (Thrush - thanks Dana for the correct term) is clearing up and he is finally able to eat a little better again.

Since arriving in the palliative care unit, he has had a few showers. However, today they put him in the tub, which he says was much better than the shower in his current condition.

I am glad they are keeping him as comfortable as possible and allowing him some normal-like activities. I know how much he'd rather be at home. I would rather him be at home too.


Jo said...

I was hoping your absence meant something good :) So glad that you had nice visits :)

And I'm glad that you were able to see B in his chair finally! It will be nice for him to get outside for some fresh air when he's up to it.

Keep taking care of you!


Dana Lucas said...

Wow, Ter, family visits from YOUR side....FINALLY! I hope they were supportive and did not zap your energy.

I think the term you were looking for regarding B's throat is Thrush. That is a yeast infection...Candida. It is often associated with compromised immune systems that result in throwing the body off balance. Also, if someone is over treated with antibiotics, or undergoes cancer treatment...yada, yada, yada.

I've had it. I treated mine naturally, and it took years. The medication they are giving B for it will probably help a lot...and quickly. FYI: Sugary foods contribute to the overgrowth of yeast. Yogurt (without sugar) is often very healing in the mouth, down the throat and elsewhere (if you get my drift).

Keep on keeping on, Dear. I love you!

momtimes4 said...

Sounds like a busy weekend - glad to hear that you had some visitors and some help. I hope that Bryan is able to get outside for some fresh air in his chair before the weather gets too cold....a walk outside, with Emma along as well, sounds good to me!

Trying to catch a breathe of air. said...

Hi Ter I can often and read up on Bear. Can't always respond. My mom had thrush alot due to her meds. I think it was the steriods. That is some nasty stuff. Glad he's up in his chair. I know how just little movement can bother him. The less movement the more he can get sore. I hope he can get in his chair a little more. I am so glad that your side is coming to visit. I hope it was a good visit. I am so glad Emma got to visit. I am sure B loved that. Give him some HUGS from afar. Think of you 2 often.

Joc(e) said...

Busy, busy! I'm glad B was able to take a bath and get rid of the beard. It was probably annoying him to have it all that time.

(((BIG HUGS)))