Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moving Day

I tried to get ahold of the lawyer mentioned by the social worker. They kept telling me to call back. I never did get in touch with him. I tried calling the doctor's office regarding a doctor's note to be put on stress leave. The first 100 times (okay, it was only like 10 times) I dialed, it was busy and when I finally got through they said they could not fit me in until end of November. I explained why I needed to see the doctor sooner than that and they said well you should just go to a walk in clinic. Sure, this is a possibility but if EI wanted to investigate my claim they would say this doctor does not know you and reject my claim for stress leave and/or compassion leave.

Amazingly, I made it to the gym for the first time since before he ended up in the hospital. I've actually managed to loose 3 or 3.5 lbs in the (how many days has it been now?) without even exercising.

When I got to the hospital, the social worker was actually coming to the room to see us and I told her how I was having difficulty getting in touch with lawyer and getting an appointment with my doctor sooner rather than later. She told me that this is something they can help us with, so I hope that means things will be ok in the end.

Some good news though! Shortly before I arrived to the hospital, Bear was informed that a bed opened up in a palliative ward of the other hospital. He was transferred a couple hours later. Thank goodness it's not hospice which we would have to pay for. We followed to the other hospital and I think it is going to be so much better for him. He has a private room and it is big enough to have several visitors without being too crowded. He has a window view and a TV that he won't have to pay for, as far as I know. The doctor came in shortly after and he seemed like a very nice fellow with wonderful bedside manners.

I think Bear will be more comfortable there and the best part is I can have sleepovers with him! I might do that on Saturday when my mother-in-law is here and can take care of my dog for the night. I sure look forward to spending more time with my Bear!


Jo said...

HOORAY for a sleepover!!! That will be so wonderful for BOTH of you!

And HOORAY for the big move! That is awesome awesome awesome!!!!

It's about time you got some good news :)

I hope the social worker will be able to help with the lawyer and doctor. That is ridiculous that your doctor can't fit you in for something as majorly important as this!

Big Hugs Sis!

meaderj said...

I'm glad that Bryan is somewhere more comfortable, and hope that it is more "homey" too. Sleepovers will be wonderful for the both of you....wish I was closer so I could dog sit (I'm sure Emma & Smokey would love each other!)

When we were in Edmonton with Kaity one of her doctor's did the note for Ryan to apply for sick/stress leave on EI - maybe one of Bryan's doctors could do that too? If they accepted it from a pediatric ICU dr, then I would think they'd accept it from any dr. I hope that the social worker is able to smooth the way through some of these issues for you - there is nothing worse than having to deal with red tape when your world is already falling apart.

You're in my thoughts.

Monica said...

I'm new to your blog. I found it via Heather's blog at mom4life. I wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear of your troubles and you and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a lovely stay with him on Saturday.
Much love and many hugs

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

THAT IS FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!! about time something good came your way! Although you must have loved the trip to SB, followed by the trip to hsc, followed by another trip to sb!!! ha!

There is street parking at sb, so if you dont mind a little bit of a walk, you can park for free! yay!!!!!

I'm out and about tmw, txt me if you need me! I have a brood with me all day, but if you need something, me and the brady bunch can drop on by!

tinag said...

I have been following your blog via Mom4life and wated to send my prayers and support to you and your husband. God Bless and Im so happy God opened that bed for him...

Dana Lucas said...

I want to kick up my heels! Finally...someone is stepping up for you and B and getting things done!!! I'm so glad to hear that he is in a more comfortable place. I'm thrilled to learn about the sleepovers! And the fact that you can bring Emma to visit him is just awesome!

I wonder what he is watching on TV tonight? I hope he wallows in this as much as he can. If he must endure this terrible disease, he should be as comfortable and catered to as he can be. So should you!

Joc(e) said...

Wow, this blog entry is such a breath of fresh air! :-) I'm glad you were able to go to the gym and that Bear is finally in PC. Good luck with the social worker and the lawyer stuff. (((HUGS)))

Totallyscrappy said...

I'm just checking in to tell you that I'm still praying for you guys. This seems like a nicer place and for that I know you are thankful. May God continue to send people to wrap their arms around you and lift you up.
May God be with those responsible for your husband's care. May they possess both wisdom and compassion.
Just a reminder that I know you've already thought of... take lots of pictures and share lots of pictures. ;)
When my brother was in the hospital we tried to surround him with pictures of loved ones, especially those that couldn't be there.

Angie Brinson said...

Hi - I don't know if you remember me, but I am a member of Share and found your blog through that. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your husband.

It was good to see a positive note today. Try to take things one day at a time and I will keep praying.


Angie Brinson